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Welcome To Hungry Canadian

the premier guide to discovering the best local and unique restaurants across Canada. Our team of expert food critics has started scouring the country to bring you a curated selection of must-visit dining destinations, each with its distinct charm and flavour.


At Hungry Canadian, we believe that food is not just food but a reflection of a community's history, culture, and passion. That's why we focus exclusively on locally owned and operated restaurants, carefully selecting establishments that showcase the best Canadian cuisine and hospitality. 


Our mission is to provide our readers with honest, detailed, and unbiased reviews of restaurants. To accomplish this, we use a comprehensive rating system based on five fundamental qualities: 

  1. Food Quality 

  2. Service

  3. Atmosphere

  4. Value 

  5. Culinary Innovation


Food Quality is the foundation of any great restaurant, and we pay close attention to the taste, presentation, and ingredients of each dish we sample. 


Service is equally important, and we evaluate attentiveness, friendliness, and staff knowledge. 


The atmosphere sets the mood for a memorable dining experience, and we look for restaurants with unique, comfortable, and welcoming spaces. 


Value is crucial in today's economy, and we assess the prices and portion sizes of each menu item. 


Finally, Culinary Innovation is a critical factor in differentiating outstanding restaurants from average ones. We look for restaurants that innovate with creative and daring dishes.


At Hungry Canadian, we pride ourselves on our impartiality and transparency. We don't accept payment for reviews. We hold every restaurant to the same high standards, regardless of size or location.


So whether you're a Foodie looking for your next culinary adventure or a traveller seeking a taste of Canadian hospitality, Hungry Canadian is your guide to discovering the best local restaurants in Canada.

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