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Flavours Of Montreal

213 Main St NW, Airdrie, Alberta T4B 0R6, Canada


As a self-proclaimed Foodie and the secret food critic for Hungry Canadian, I recently indulged in the savory delights of Flavours of Montreal, a Montreal-style deli. The moment I stepped inside, I was captivated by the warm and inviting atmosphere and the aroma of tantalizing smoked meat and spices wafting through the air.

I couldn't resist starting with their classic poutine. The fries were perfectly crispy and arrived smothered in a rich gravy with generous portions of fresh cheese curds on top. As I moved on to the Reuben sandwich, I was equally impressed by the tender and juicy smoked meat, melted Swiss cheese, and delicious rye bread. Part of what makes this deli stand out is the use of traditional smoked meat carving. Carving smoked meat is an art only a few have learned. 

However, they do not have a lot of parking spaces and can be difficult to reach during busy hours.

Overall, Flavours of Montreal is a fantastic addition to Airdrie's food scene and is not to be missed. I highly recommend that you and your family visit them. At Hungry Canadian, we rate this restaurant 4/5 and encourage all food enthusiasts to experience the excitement and flavors of Flavours of Montreal in Airdrie, AB, Canada.

Restaurant Details

Cuisine Type

French - Canadian


Public Washrooms




Front and side public parking available

Restaurant Location

213 Main St NW, Airdrie, Alberta T4B 0R6, Canada

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