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Abe's Modern Diner

Abe's Modern Diner Airdrie Alberta

Today we were at Abe's Modern Diner. It boasts a trendy and inviting atmosphere both inside and out. The open kitchen concept allows guests to watch and smell their meals as they cook, adding to the overall experience. However, the seating area is a little compact, which may appeal to those seeking a more intimate dining experience.

The MudHead Burger caught my eye on the menu, and the Abe's mushroom peppercorn gravy sealed the deal. The burger arrived piping hot and filled the air with a mouth-watering aroma. I paired it with the yam fries, and the combination of flavours was a delightful surprise. If you do not eat meat, Abe's offers a tasty veggie patty alternative.

The staff, 2-3 cooks, and 1 or 2 waiters/waitresses work diligently despite the limited space. They serve food promptly and maintain a friendly demeanour throughout the meal.

However, the prices are on the higher side. Inflation is likely the reason, making Abe's more of a special occasion or treat destination.

Overall, if you're seeking a place to enjoy time with family, friends, or special guests, Abe's Diner is a must-visit. I highly recommend trying any dish on the menu, as everything is sure to impress. Just keep in mind that the prices may be a bit steep. Hungry Canadian gives Abe's Diner a rating of 4/5, which is well-deserved.

4 out of 5 maple leaf

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